Clearwater Lake Cottagers Association

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In 2004 the Manitoba Dept of Conservation, Parks Branch, worked with the Clearwater Lake cottagers association on ATV use guidelines within Clearwater Lake Provincial Park. ATV use in the park worked well under these guidelines for a number of years. New ATV guidelines have been established by Parks Branch which allow for identified ATV trails within Park boundaries. The cottager association established an ATV working group to provide recommendations on continued ATV use in Clearwater Lake Provincial Park.

Current Status

There are a number of trails and resource roadways within Clearwater Park, including SnoMan trail system, new Manitoba Hydro ROW, Cross Country ski trails, new walking trail at Campers Cove, new road access to the north side of Clearwater lake, road access to the Hugo Bay campground, CN road ROW, trapper and mining cut lines as well as burrow pit road access. ATVs use established trails primarily, including SnoMan trails, ditch trails along PTH 287 and the CN line as well as ski trails in and around the Clearwater Ski Chalet.


Established trails should continue to be utilized by ATVs between April 15 to Dec.1

This includes existing trails used by SnoMan and the Clearwater Ski trails. The first designated ATV trail will include the Clearwater ski trails to allow access to the CN road right of way and Hugo Bay area. Cottagers at Mile 26/27 are to access ski trails at three locations, including the end of Snake Island Way cottage road, the garbage stand access at the start of Snake Island Way and at the Clearwater Ski Chalet. Staging areas for vehicles pulling ATV trailers using the ski trails would stage at either the garbage stand access and/or the Clearwater Ski Chalet. The ski trails allow access to trails outside of Clearwater Park and to the east end of Clearwater Lake, while keeping ATV travel on existing cottage roads to a minimum.

Wally’s gas station at Clearwater Lake airport is a central staging area for ATVs, snowmobilers and boaters requiring provisions. Two trails can be designated from Wally’s, one running west along PR 287 to provide ATV access to cottagers at Mile 18 and Campers Cove area. Another trail running east through Town of The Pas property and SnoMan trails can access Johnson point and then once again along PR 287 to access the CN road right of way and the old Spruce Products sawmill site. Both Johnson Point and Pioneer cottagers can access trails quickly via ATV and /or snowmobiles using this trail system.


ATV trail signage and staging areas signs are needed to ensure ATV enthusiasts utilize proper trails and at approved time of year (i.e. April 15 to Dec 1). ATV usage information should be available at convenient locations within Clearwater Park (e.g. Wally’s, Clearwater Social Club, Campers and Pioneer Campgrounds).

Trail Concerns

All trail uses cause impacts on the environment. Ski trails were made using trucks and small bulldozers. Snowmobile and ATV trails provide access to remote areas and some unauthorized uses may occur, including illegal hunting, non approved timber harvesting, rutting of trails, etc. Closing trails in a recreational use park to law abiding recreational quaders, snowmobilers, hikers and bikers to address other unauthorized uses is not sound management. Cottagers promote sound resource management and encourage government to separate issues and address those issues without negatively affecting the majority of trail users at Clearwater Lake.

Continuing Consultation

ATV, snowmobile, boating, hiking and skiing are part and parcel to living in the north. Residents of The Pas and Clearwater Lake enjoy our trails and strive to maintain them. Cottagers and Tolko participated in chipping ski trails both in The Pas and Clearwater Lake. Parks Branch in years gone by were active participants in trail development and activity promotions. We need to have an active and cooperative Parks Branch that supports park promotions and user group activities within the Park. There are a number of organizations who need to participate in designating ATV trails between The Pas and Clearwater Lake trails, including the Town of The Pas, University College of the North, Kelsey Recreation Commission, The Pas Chamber of Commerce, CN and Tolko. Local and regional tourism depend on cooperation and communication on infrastructure development and upgrades.

Respectfully submitted
Lorna Blakeston, Andrew Forward, Bert Lagimodiere, Pat Moseley Williams, Don Dunnigan
Lake Cottagers Association Trail Committee
October 2012

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