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Response to Trail Comittee Recommendations


Clearwater Lake Cottage Association

Trail Committee Recommendations

Discussion Items

Suggestions of Concern:

1) SnoMan has outright refused to allow quads on their permitted trail system due to damage such as rutting.

2) The new Manitoba Hydro Right of way is not within Clearwater Provincial Park. Nor do we have the authority to allow or disallow activities on their leased property.

3) Clearwater Lake Cross country ski trails are used for hiking and skiing and it has been the experience of Parks Branch that multi user trails do not work due to different needs of the users.

4) The new walking trail at Clearwater Provincial Park same as above.

5) The new access road on the east side of Clearwater Lake. The access road to OCN reserve is not property of Manitoba Conservation and therefore we cannot allow access to this road.

6) The road access to Hugo Bay boat launch is just that road access and therefore the use of quads on roads within Provincial Parks is illegal.

7) CN (OMNITRAX) has control of the activities that are allowed within their right of way and therefore they must give permission for the access to their right of way.

8) Staging areas located at the garbage cages and the chalet would require the operator to ride on the ski trails which is discussed in point (3) above.

9) The intent is not to keep travel on Cottage roads to a MINIMUM, it is to ban it all together. It is illegal for a quad to travel on a cottage subdivision road. It is also dangerous to the quad operator and the legal operators of licensed motor vehicles.

10) All trails do cause impacts on the environment. Therefore Quad trails that are self-sustaining, established on high ground, will only have the impact of the tire tracks. Self-sustaining trails do not cause rutting, slumping, and habitat destruction. Uncontrolled quadding can lead to the destruction of low lying areas, which purify the water entering Clearwater Lake, destroy the purification system and you could destroy the quality of water in the Lake.

11) Staging areas at Wally’s would be something the Town of The Pas would comment on as it is their private property. However all the trails exiting their property and into the park would have to be self-sustaining.

Recommendations :

Go back to the Quad committee and get them to identify trails within the park that they would like to see established as quad trails keeping in mind the following variables:

1) They must be self-sustaining on high ground and not susceptible to destruction of low lying environmentally sensitive areas.

2) They must be stand alone trails that are not developed and intended for other recreational use. i.e. Ski trails and hiking trails vs. Quad trails.

3) Ensure that the trails are within the provincial park as we cannot give permission for areas we do not have authority to permit. i.e. Road to Stoney Point and Hydro Right of ways, highway ditches, CN right of way, etc.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 09:27